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Randy, I work near there. I just saw the annual return of the Hooded Mergansers near the footbridge on the other side of San Pablo. Good birding!

Jay Dodge

On Friday, December 3, 2021, 7:57 PM, Randy Prunty <randy.prunty@...> wrote:

Hi Derek
My backyard backs up to the Pinole Creek Path and Pinole Creek near Fernandez Park. I see Lesser Goldfinches every day, but two days ago I thought I saw an American Goldfinch, but just assumed I was wrong. Maybe I wasn't! 
Randy Prunty

On Fri, Dec 3, 2021 at 5:51 PM Derek <dlheins@...> wrote:

Wednesday morning I decided to do some scouting for our upcoming Richmond Christmas Bird count (Jan 2),  so I got on my bike to explore some potential habitats between I80 and the shoreline for our January 2 count.  Along the way, I encountered these birding highlights:


·       Duck Pond Park and the surrounding area in this roughly 25-year-old community had some nice habitat. I found a White-throated Sparrow hanging out with some White and Golden-crowned Sparrows. The pond across Sycamore Avenue had many American Wigeon (a Eurasian Wigeon today), Gadwall, a Green Heron, and a White-tailed Kite perched nearby. I’ll definitely assign a group to bird this area. Have a look at my eBird list for this spot:



·       Regugio Creek runs to the bay just north of the pond, so I took rode along it down to the bay and then headed south along the paved path. The highlight on the shoreline was another Eurasian Wigeon.



·       I then found a nice path (mostly paved) that took me all the way to I80 along Pinole Creek that passed by Fernandez Park. A nice surprise was a pair of American Goldfinches.



These outings have shown me the importance of access to these habitat corridors along the various waterways—Garrity Creek, Pinole Creek, Refugio Creek, San Pablo Creek, and Wildcat Creek—that work their way through this urban/industrial landscape.


These habitats are one reason GGAS has created this new Christmas count circle—to get birders out exploring these areas, give them more attention and get local communities introduced to the joys of birding.  Signup for the Richmond count remains open until December 12 using the link below:


I encourage folks to get out and find new spots to bird, especially ones for our Christmas count!!


Derek Heins


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