White throated Sparrow Marina Bay

Sheila Dickie

Yesterday afternoon, March 4, round about 4 p.m. another birder and I saw a
White Throated Sparrow (possibly a first winter bird) on the trail that goes
from Meeker Slough Bridge (at Marina Bay) to Marina Bay Parkway, Richmond,
behind the condos.  Sparrow was foraging among dead leaves in the company of
Gold Crowned Sparrows, a Fox Sparrow and CA. Towhee.  This was the third time
since 2/28 that the bird had been seen in this location.
Directions to bird:  Take 580 West and exit at Marina Bay Parkway/So 23 Street
(Richmond).At the end of the offramp, turn left back across the freeway onto
Marina Bay Parkway.
Come through a couple of traffic signals, cross Regatta Blvd. and look for
Bayside, which is a dead-end street on your left. Park at the end of the street
and walk out to the trail.  Turn left.
As you walk there will be a culvert on your right at a bend in the trail; keep
walking.  Up ahead you will see a large Willow-type tree on the left overhanging
the trail.  On your right will be a single stand of pampass grass.
Running along the trail on your left will be concrete light bollards.  Look for
bollard #L551.  Directly opposite is a large willow with other kinds of fairly
large trees in front, and old grey cat houses underneath.  The sparrow was seen
foraging under these tees, just 5' in from trail.
If you keep walking, the trail crosses Marina Bay Parkway and ends up in the
Richmond Marina.
Also seen on this section of trail this past week, Allen's Hummingbird (m),
(where the path from Bayside inrtersects with trail), Northern Flicker and Downy
Sheila Dickie

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