Re: FOS yard Golden crowned sparrow

Kay Loughman

We had three Golden-crowns show up at our house on 9/23 - all with immature plumage.  Heard chips, but no songs all week.  But then on 10/2 there was a lot of singing, and (coincidentally?) there were two adult plumaged birds on the deck.  It's well known that this species sings on the wintering ground; but I wonder if the singing - at least in the fall - comes primarily from adult birds returning to the wintering ground?

Kay Loughman
in the hills on the Berkeley/Oakland border   

judisierra via wrote on 10/4/2021 11:08 AM:
After seeing them on Vollmer Peak a few days ago,  they finally arrived here. I heard the "Oh dear me" song this morning. It was across the street while I was washing my car. Close enough.

Judi Sierra

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