Wandering Tattlers at Cesar Chavez

David Yeamans

Friday, 2021-10-01, Rosmarie Richardson and I went to Cesar Chavez Park and then Elsie Roemer Bird Sanctuary for my first foray in close to four months -- it's too hot for me otherwise. We walked along the south edge and turned north along the Bay. She watched the land birds and those in trees where they perched straight overhead and directly into the sun. Aggravating my warbler neck and staring into bad light wears me out so I looked over the shoreline revetment instead. When she joined me again I asked tongue in cheek if she'd seen any wandering tattlers down there along the sea edge -- it was my way of saying she might find it rewarding. Not five seconds later a WATA appeared, my first ever in Alameda County. We followed it along and began predicting which photogenic rock it would go onto next. A second tattler revealed itself and they both harvested small invertebrates from the wet algae in the very calm splash zone.

I call it channeling for birds. In the '60s it would have been a Berkeley thing. Photos at https://ebird.org/checklist/S95452668

High and gentle tide wasn't very high at noon in Elsie Roemer. There were mixed flocks of sanderling, dunlin, semi-palmated plover, and western sandpiper. Black oyestercatchers and long-billed curlews were in the ten-ish range. We estimated 60 elegant terns and only a few Forster's.

Dave Yeamans
If you see bad, do good.

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