Harlequin Duck Miller Knox

Sheila Dickie

Hi everyone
I am reporting two sightings of the male Harlequin Duck at Miller Knox Regional
Park in Pt. Richmond.
The first was yesterday afternoon, March lst; I saw the duck  from 4-5 p.m.  And
today in the company of birders from the UC Section Club, I saw the duck again
at 10:30 a.m.
Location of duck:  March lst.  I parked in the central parking lot of the park
and walked out along the rocky shoreline headed towards the pier.  As the RR
tracks come to an end, if you look out in the bay you will see two concrete
columns close in.  The duck was in that vicinity along with a female Surf
Scoter, and remained for an hour, diving and surfing the waves.  Today March 2nd
the duck was loafing with two surf scoters further up the shoreline nearer to
the pier.  Again close in.
There are still hundreds of gulls and ducks out in the bay, and yesterday there
were hundreds of cormorants as well.
Best Birding
Sheila Dickie

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