Broad-winged Hawk over Berkeley Hills

Michael Park

Post-frontal conditions and clearing skies seemed favorable for raptor movements. At 1130, a light-morph juvenile Broad-winged Hawk was seen, in a glide, high over the crest of the north Berkeley Hills. It was southbound.

There might be others. A second candidate was visible in the distance over Inspiration Point in WIldcat Canyon. It was a small light-morph hawk. There was a Red-tailed Hawk soaring in the same binocular view for size perspective. The individual was too distant to see finer markings on the tail and wings. Not Rough-legged and too small for Red-tailed or Ferruginous.

Getting the word out, so that others can look up.

Highly cropped image embedded in eBird checklist here:

Michael Park

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