Lerp-infested eucalyptus in the east bay?


Anyone aware of large groves of eucalyptus infested with lerp psyllid insects in the east bay that are attracting large numbers of birds right now? These are known bird magnets in other areas of the state. A quick search of the East Bay Birds archive didn't return any results regarding lerp-infested eucs in prior years as a potential guide for where to look.

This came to mind while browsing eBird reports of Yellow Warbler in the area and noting good numbers at Ellis Lake Park in Concord by Albert Linkowski and others. Often 10+ are reported per outing during September, which seems high given the relatively small size of the park. Photos on eBird show yellow and other warblers among lerp-infested eucs at the park, so I assume this is part of the story, though there are also cottonwoods at the park which are probably part of the attraction too. I've explored other euc groves in central Contra Costa but have noticed very few lerps, so I'm curious if others are aware of more lerpy groves.

Michael Strom

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