Re: FOS White Crown's

W Hudson

Same delight this morning in northeast Orinda.  Yesterday a Black-throated Gray Warbler passing through. 

Hoping for return of Ruby-crowned Kinglets; last year there were none after hearing the "typewriter" in every live oak during the winter for as long as I have paid attention.  Maybe because my neighborhood extensively removed vegetation up to 10' high to lessen wildfire risk last summer and fall, and maybe due to last year's fires in the Sierras (their breeding grounds?) and smoke--anyone else notice a similar absence?

William Hudson

On 9/18/2021 10:39 AM, Jackie Bobrosky wrote:
Thrilled to see a small group of White Crowned Sparrows in my backyard this morning.  Very busy corner in my world with Downy, Nuttall's, Acorn WP, White breasted Nuthatch, Bushtits........but where are those warblers?  I'm waiting....

Happy Birding from Martinez, Ca
Jackie Bobrosky

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