Stint photos + timing

Noah Arthur

Here's an eBird checklist with (bad but distinctive) photos of today's Alameda Red-necked Stint:

I'm guessing some people might be trying for this bird tomorrow... If so, keep the tides in mind. Medium-low tide is best for shorebirding at Alameda South Shore; that's when a decent amount of mudflat is exposed, but not so much mudflat that the birds are really distant (as is the case at the lowest tides). I would recommend getting there when the tide is at 1 or 2 feet and rising, although a similar falling tide could be good too. Today I found the stint when the tide was at about 2.5 feet and rising, but the flock flew away just a few minutes afterwards. I suspect the peeps and stint had been there for quite awhile before I arrived, maybe since low tide (0 feet) in the late morning or even earlier. 

Happy shorebird season!

Noah Arthur (Oakland) 

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