Alameda peeps + stint

Noah Arthur

Already posted to eBird, but this afternoon I was happy to find a big flock of 200+ peeps at Alameda South Shore (south of Elsie Roemer bird sanctuary), an area that’d been almost empty of shorebirds for most of this season so far. Here’s hoping they’re finding suitable roosting areas and numbers will continue to build. In with the many WESTERN and few LEAST SANDPIPERS was a worn breeding adult RED-NECKED STINT. After just a few minutes of observation, the restless peep flock flew off and most never came back.

Drabber than the one that was there in 2017, today’s stint still showed the unmistakable “Blackburnian Sandpiper” pattern with an extensive soft orange throat. The long body, short legs and bill, and rather plain worn brown upperparts rounded out the ID. I’ll post some crappy pictures this evening. I would suggest medium-low tides are probably best for peep peeping at this location right now. That’s when I had the stint today. Enjoy the peep show and good luck to anyone trying for this bird tomorrow! 

Noah Arthur (Oakland) 

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