Wood Ducks at Briones Reservoir


This morning there were 15 Wood Ducks at the north end of Briones Reservoir (Bear Creek Staging Area).

Three of these were fuzzy ducklings, quite young (and I should think rather late)

Four were young birds ~2/3 grown.

The small ducklings are of interest as this certainly means breeding on Briones Reservoir.  One can eliminate the possibility of these coming in from San Pablo or San Leandro Reservoir.

The Wood Duck boxes I have seen along Briones have all been dilapidated and in complete disrepair. But there must be others I have not seen (it's been many years since I've hiked all around the lake).  I wonder if a repair mission is in order.

If anyone knows about this could you drop me a line (publicly or personally). Thanks.

Rusty Scalf
Berkeley, CA

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