Demise of ‘Frank’s Dump’ as a shorebird roost

Noah Arthur

Sadly, it looks like the East Bay’s flagship shorebirding destination is no more. On my first targeted shorebird outing of the season this evening, I found Frank’s Dump at Hayward Shoreline to be mostly dry with almost no birds, even during a very high tide. The small channel of water that used to trickle in to the northwest corner of the area at high tides was completely dry, apparently blocked somewhere under the levee. 

Unfortunately, the loss of this location also probably means the end of East Bay shorebird migration as we knew it everywhere else too. I don’t know of any other major shorebird high-tide roost sites in the East Bay, and Frank’s was probably where the vast majority our shorebirds roosted. The big foraging flocks from as far as Alameda South Shore apparently roosted at Frank’s — at least, we know the 2017 Red-necked Stint shuttled between those two locations. Without Frank’s Dump as a roost site, I believe most of the migrant shorebirds we used to see will simply no longer stage in the East Bay on their way south. 

Noah Arthur (Oakland)

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