Re: Hawk at Kaiser Hospital atrium

Cathy Bleier

On behalf of Craig Nikitas, Chief Operator, Bay Raptor Rescue:
“The hawk that was captured at Kaiser Medical Center was taken by us (Bay Raptor Rescue), although an Oakland Animal Services officer was present. That bird is a 2020 hatch, and is almost certainly not part of the territorial pair familiar to many folks in the area. The paired birds probably show adult plumage. During the time the 2nd year bird was in the hospital atrium, two observers later reported seeing the pair of adult birds overhead.
The captured bird was in the atrium for several hours. It was unable to generate enough lift to get out of the multi-story atrium. A field exam showed the hawk was not notably underweight nor dehydrated, and it displayed no obvious injuries or plumage deficiencies. Also the crop was not distended, and thus its inability to escape the atrium was not attributable to overeating, so therefore we drove it to WildCare in San Rafael for a diagnosis and treatment. Subsequent radiographs and blood work were both normal. Joint motions were all normal. It’s not obvious yet why it can’t fly properly. The hawk was prescribed pain meds and cage rest, to see how it responds. My hypothesis is that it was attacked by one or both of the two territorial birds to drive it off, and suffered bruising or other soft tissue injury, and went down into the atrium to escape. “
Craig Nikitas, Chief Operator, Bay Raptor Rescue 

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