Walnut Creek sightings


Things have slowed considerably in the Heather Farm area.  It seems the Red-winged Blackbirds have done their thing and are all gone.  The Canada Geese have done their thing and there are 74 of them according to Ted's eBird report from yesterday.  I'm not sure how many of them are this year's model, but quite a few.

There are eight Mallard ducklings which seem will make it to adulthood.  Lots of House Finches with young around, and even Western Bluebirds.  Sometimes they are around the fenced community garden, sometimes they are near the entry to the private Seven Hills School.

I was shown today where an active Red-tailed Hawk nest is west of the Walnut Creek channel.  This made me pretty happy.  The street below is painted with whitewash. 

Our own patio north of the park continues to have the Chickadees bringing their kids for seeds and water.  Faith, who showed me the hawk nest, also showed me photos of Hooded Orioles in her backyard on Cherry Lane.  There are plenty of palm trees scattered around her neighborhood.

I went with Sandy Ritchie on Sunday to visit Ellis Lake in Concord which is frequently visited by Albert Linkowski and reported to eBird.  We did not find his Tricolored Blackbird, but we did find the Green Heron, DC Cormorant, Western Bluebirds and Hooded Orioles.

Hugh B. Harvey
Walnut Creek

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