Continuing Cassin's Vireo & in Tilden - plus Lark Sparrow

Zac Denning

There's a continuing Cassin's vireo hanging out at the Loop Road Parking area, at the trailhead for the Wildcat Gorge and Meadows Canyon trails in Tilden, not far from the Little Farm. I heard one in this same area on 4/18 (though my list used the general Tilden location), and another ebirder has reported it for the Meadows Area 4 times since May 21. I heard it again on my weekly run this morning - and was able to get a good look at it this evening, including the typical CAVI spectacles, hooked vireo beak, olive back and yellow-olive wash on the flank. 

I also found a Lark Sparrow on the Conlon Trail, .4 miles from the Wildcat Creek trail, and about 2.5 miles from the Little Farm parking area (GPS point: 37.932048, -122.281412), foraging with juncos and House Finches. I first saw the white tail corners, then got a nice look at that handsome harlequin face pattern and central breast spot. 

Other birds from this morning and evening included a Cal Thrasher that ran onto Nimitz Rd right in front of me, 3 singing Lazuli Buntings, a continuing MacGillivray's warbler and a Blue-gray Gnatcatcher along the Meadows Canyon trail, House Wrens in the Nimitz way Euc grove, a kiting Kite, the usual Olive-sided Flycatcher on the West side of the Meadows area, and most of the other usual Tilden suspects. I also found a baby Kingsnake on the Meadow Canyons trail - and helped it to the side of the path.

I was unsuccessful this morning at re-finding the Grasshopper Sparrow I recorded singing last week on the Conlon trail - but I'll consider the Lark Sparrow a decent trade for my efforts. I also didn't see last week's Say's Phoebe at the top of the Conlon trail. 

These sightings were from my weekly 8 mile run this morning, plus a hike this evening on the Meadows Canyon and Wildcat Gorge trails. No photos or recordings this time. 

Ebird list for the evening hike with Cassin's Vireo:

Ebird list from the 8 mile run: (spanning 4 different ebird hotspot areas, and using the general Tilden list):

Happy birding,

Zac Denning

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