Black-chinned Sparrow on South Gate Road Mount Diablo


A number of us were looking and listening this morning in hopes of finding the Black-chinned Sparrow reported by others.  Steve Buffi and I arrived about 8:30 and Sandy Ritchie was already there with others.

Steve and I started lower than the group and Sandy joined us.  We then moved higher when we were told that it had been seen at the higher corner.  Finally, about 10:30 we started hearing and then found a male Black-chinned Sparrow.  Steve's eBird reports are here:

The Bell's Sparrow never sang for us, but Sandy and Steve had one lower down the road, and a bunch of us had one fly and land right below our upper location along the road.

As others have written, this is maybe half-a-mile downhill from the entry kiosk.  Patience was required.

Hugh B. Harvey
Walnut Creek

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