Re: Spotted Towhee numbers & Valle Vista

Rosemary Johnson

I heard an unusual number (I thought) at Pt Pinole yesterday.  Don't remember having hardly any in this vicinity before, too coastal generally for them.  But they were in the eucalyptus trees, seemingly throughout.

On 05/23/2021 11:30 AM Alan Howe <adhowe@...> wrote:
FWIW, there were certainly a great many spotted towhees @ Sibley on the day of the bird count (5/8). I've never seen or heard that many before up there. (I even had a "conversation" of sorts with 1 who moved on his branch to have a better view of me & responded to my English with his Towhee. He really seemed interested in me.)
Alan Howe
North Oakland

On Sun, May 23, 2021 at 9:27 AM don_quixote72 < dmsmith72@...> wrote:
Did the usual walk from the Valle Vista staging to the reservoir and beyond.  Many of the usual suspects of acorn woodpecker, western bluebird, chestnut backed chickadee,  3 or 4 red tailed hawks, red winged blackbird

I did count 4 spotted towhees and there were probably more I didn’t bother counting.  I have noticed a number of them in my yard as well.  I don’t remember hearing and seeing this many spotted towhees in the past.  Is this a big year for this bird?  Has anyone else noticed this in Contra Costa?

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