Nuttalli White-crowns


In the late 1990's I found a nuttali  White-crowned Sparrow nest at what was Magic Garden nursery on Heinz St in Berkeley (near present day Berkeley Bowl West). They were nesting in a flower pot among the plants for sale! I was able to alert the owners.

This afternoon I was walking back to my car at Outdoor Supply Hardware just off Ashby (formerly Orchard Supply) when I noticed an adult White-crowned Sparrow, bill full of larvae, hop under the metal screen into their garden center. 

I went back inside and walked the isles of the garden shop. There are hundreds of plants, more than 50 flower pots hanging too high for me to examine.  I watched, waited, to no avail. I eventually had to head home as I'd left some tools outside.

If you find yourself at Outdoor Supply Hardware, keep an eye out. If the nest is in a flower pot would be nice to intervene prior to it's sale.

Zonotrichia leucophrys nuttalli  is an amazing bird. I'll swear they prosper in habitats too harsh for House Sparrows.

Rusty Scalf

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