Re: Can't Identify these birds from Pt Isabel


From what I've read they don't survive very long.

On Thursday, April 29, 2021, 05:53:49 PM PDT, Aaron Maizlish <amm.birdlists@...> wrote:

Hi Claude,

These birds are released Feral Pigeons, aka “White Doves” that are bred for their appearance. You probably couldn’t find them in your book, because they do not resemble anything that occurs in the wild. There has been a flock of them for years in Richmond. I used to see them frequently around the water treatment facility there. Think of weddings, where people like to release white doves as a romantic gesture. 

Sorry that it’s nothing more exciting than a pigeon. 

Aaron Maizlish 
San Francisco

On Apr 29, 2021, at 5:43 PM, Claude Lyneis <cmlyneis@...> wrote:

Aprilt 29 north of the 51st entrance to the Pt Isabel area, there were three birds in the marsh being chased around by the crows.  Except for their bills they were all white and their bills seem gull like.  I know that I have never seen them before and I couldn’t find a match in iBird or on iNaturalist.  I looked at Gulls, Doves and Pigeons without success.  There are three photos on Flickr labeled White Bird, White Bird 2 and White Bird 3. I suppose there is some trivial explanation.

Here is the link to Flickr.

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