Pileated Woodpecker in/and Redwood Park Counties

Doug Mosher

Yesterday, 4/26, Carla Din and I had great views of the previously-reported PIWO in Reinhardt Redwood Regional Park, along with others. He (red cheek stripe) continued excavating his cavity in the snag for nearly 30 minutes, at times more than half-way in as he removed the wood chips. Then, for no reason apparent to us, he gave a short but loud "wuk wuk wuk" and flew off upstream to the northwest.

Some photos at: https://www.flickr.com/photos/dougmosher/51142329345

Want to note, in case one isn't aware, that Reinhardt Redwood Regional Park is in 2 counties; Alameda and Contra Costa. The county line nearly bisects the Park. I had initially selected an eBird hotspot in Contra Costa County by mistake (just up the Stream Trail), and corrected that as the PIWO snag is in Alameda Co.

Here's a map of Reinhardt Redwood Regional Park/Roberts Recreation Area (outlined in red) noting unincorporated Alameda County in darker green and Contra Costa County in lighter green. Hope this helps with future eBird reporting: https://bit.ly/2R1cpIn

-Doug Mosher

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