Busy Spring in Hercules

Rosemary Johnson

Much spring activity here.  Two tom turkeys facing off in display.  Rock pigeon down and up, and down and up, gathering nesting material.  A pair of titmice that look like they are feeding their brood.
Tried to follow one of the titmice with a big caterpillar in its mouth.  It was in a Toyon bush below a eucalyptus tree.  The tree has two boles.  The right hand trunk is full of old sapsucker holes (I've never seen a sapsucker here). The left one has a nice round hole that looks like it could be a nest site but I didn't see the titmice there.  The bird I saw flew to half a dozen perches, always looking around but never stopping to eat.  That is why I presume it was taking it to the nest, wherever it was.  Only briefly saw the 2nd titmouse.
The turkeys suddenly flew up onto the roof of the building.  I thought that maybe they had been spooked by the coyote that sometimes passes through.  I didn't see it though.  I know they don't get spooked by humans as they are often walking on the court street with people around.
Rosemary Johnson

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