Walnut Creek bird news


Seeing John Luther's note about Siskins reminds me that yesterday, while sitting at the table, I heard a little thump.  A Pine Siskin hit either the kitchen window or the sliding door.  If it was walking, I would say it staggered, but it flies, so it flaggered to a flower pot right there and sat for the longest time perched on one of the stems.  I saw it resting for the longest time, then I looked again and it was gone.

This morning in Heather Farm Park, I heard and then saw a Warbling Vireo in an oak at the bottom of the big hill where the walkways intersect.  Barry Howarth and I saw a River Otter and a Great Blue Heron at the pond near the private Seven Hills School.  The equestrian area was busy today with a horse event.

Hugh B. Harvey
Walnut Creek

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