Black-chinned Sparrow - Mt. Diablo

richard s. cimino

Hi Birders,

Leading a field trip for a Michigan birder today we found a cooperative Black-chinned Sparrow in Mt. Diablo State Park.


A Black-chinned Sparrow was located in a decades old location on a steep dry hill side mixed bushy habitat. First heard then in flight and then perched, then mobbed by two Blue-Gray Gnatcatchers. Gray head and  body, brown wings. black chin and long tail  To relocate the sparrow from south gate drive 1.9 miles from park gate. Or drive 1.1 miles from pay booth towards South Gate. Looking to the right On right side of road (south) there is a U curve,  pull out there, near a large oak tree. Start looking on both side of the road, but our first sighting was upslope.


Rich Cimino

Marin County


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