Misc, Including Probable CHAT at Mitchel Canyon

Jeff Acuff

Yesterday morning I heard a likely YELLOW-BREASTED CHAT about a quarter mile past the Mitchel Canyon gate from the staging area, downhill in the streambed riparian corridor.  A long iphone sound recording with the CHAT at the very beginning, and more faintly elsewhere is posted to eBird: https://ebird.org/checklist/S85764196   
Other birds found during a long day of birding included WESTERN SCREECH OWL, COMMON POORWILL, CALIOPE HUMMINGBIRD, several of the usual migrant WARBLERS, and VAUX SWIFT.   
Today at Acalanes Ridge Open Space (referred to by others as "Ridge Top Field"), I found one LAWARENCE'S GOLDFINCH mixed with lesser goldfinches and house finches.  Several other observations for this location have been listed in eBird since an April 2 report by Sergio Llorens.   
Good birding    
Jeff Acuff, Lafayette     

Good Birding,  
Jeff Acuff. Lafayette  

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