Re: White-crowned sparrows left last night

Carolyn Arnold


Thanks so much for noting this passage. I must have seen the last one of my yard group of white crowns yesterday afternoon, picking up a last minute nyjer seed, spread out just for them on my deck railing. I thought it might be goodbye.

Safe flights north my favorite feathered friends! Have a prosperous summer, and return safely to us in the Fall.

Carolyn in Oakland.

On Apr 13, 2021, at 11:59 AM, David Yeamans <> wrote:

As anticipated a sudden departure of white-crowned sparrows occurred last night. Evidence is from my limited feeding station and from Sycamore Grove Park. None were there whereas the day before there were scores, in fact an increasing concentration right up to this morning.

At my siskin-limiting feeding balcony the sparrows would eat 6 cut grapes in the morning and six in the afternoon (I let the food run out for a few hours in between seatings). They did not clean up the 1/4 cup of dove/qual mix nor even touch the 20cc thistle seed. Happy hunting little migrants.
Dave Yeamans

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