Where are the hummingbirds? Disturbing declines....

Jim Chiropolos

This year and last fall have been disturbing slow for hummingbirds numbers at the house. This is documented by the daily yard eBird reports I began in august of 2017. When I started recording numbers of Annas hummingbirds, I had 30 individuals at multiple days in the fall in 2017 and over 8 on multiple days in the spring of 2018.

Last fall, 2020, we never had a day of over 6 and usually less. I put it down to the fires. This spring, 2021, we have maybe highs of 3 individual birds except for one day of 6. Rufous and Allen numbers are very low and similar in trends. This is very disturbing. We have a big blooming sage patch plus feeders and no hummers at the sage this year. Every year, review of ebird lists at my house is showing declining numbers of hummers.

I spoke with a friend in the Diablo foothills and he reports very low numbers of hummers (all species) at his house this spring compared to previous years. I’m below Vollmer peak on the Orinda side.

It’s good to have data to back up what I thought was happening, but I wish the treads were showing increases - not decreases. The daily reports seem to be showing some very disturbing trends - at least at my house.

Jim Chiropolos, Orinda

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