Kingbird in Sunol RP Saturday on Flag Hill


Saturday afternoon at the top of Flag Hill a kingbird perched and darted about in the trees above the cows near the stone "Flag Hill" sign. By the time I dug out my book it had flown off, so I could not discern which kind of kingbird. I'll go out on a limb and posit: presumably Western; presumably not Couch's : )

The beautiful Sunol Saturday included lots of Western bluebirds, oak titmice, TVs, some red tails, gc and wc sparrows, Annas hummingbirds, CA towhees. Seeing lots of Brewer's blackbirds walking looking for bugs in the grasses brought to mind how infrequently I see Brewer's blackbirds. If memory serves correctly it was the most common city bird I'd see in the Bay Area. Now I NEVER see them. Crazy.

There were lots of starlings everywhere as well. The usual corvids too.

Another Sunol highlight was flying kestrel with a something...a large bug or an amphibian or its bill. The kestrel landed on a tree limb and gave the prey to another kestrel that then flew off.

Lots of lovely people too!


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