Sunday morning in Heather Farm


Despite being Easter Sunday and wearing lots of clothes, when I saw Ted R as I was leaving I told him I was becoming cold.  Still, I had some interesting bird sightings.

The Downy Woodpecker male is on at least Day 12 of his construction project.  He was busy tapping even deeper in his hole this morning, while a Black-crowned Night-Heron perched in the willows on the pond-side of the trail.  I noticed that the bottom of the entrance is already elongated due to the going in and coming out of the both of them.

Swallows of three species were seen, Barn, Rough-winged and Violet--green.  They were over the large, mostly natural pond, not the pond near the private Seven Hills School.

After skipping Friday for a visit to Garin Reg. Park, the Ring-necked Ducks have left as of yesterday.  Their numbers have dwindled to less than fifteen or twenty, but by yesterday there were none.  Of the winter ducks, one female Bufflehead persists.

And for the occasion, the Easter Egg of the duck world, the male Wood Duck, was swimming in the concrete pond with the female. 

Today I heard a Hutton's Vireo calling somewhere in the giant Eucalyptus trees at the north ball field parking lot.  Never found it, but did see the Starlings copulate on a light standard and they may have a nest in one of the trees.

The sparrow population has also dwindled, though yesterday I did have one Lincoln's Sparrow come out for seeds.  Did not see it today.  Another I missed today was the little Song Sparrow which is missing a tail.  He has been that way for a couple of months, now.  But I am also seeing fewer White-crowned and Golden-crowned Sparrows.

Hugh B. Harvey
Walnut Creek

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