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Hi Melani and Lawrence,

I just checked the Mt. Diablo Breeding Bird Atlas of the late 1990's for Hermit Thrush. There is one report of breeding in a small section of Redwood Regional Park, but only a single sighting of a nesting Hermit Thrush at  that time.
    At my home in Lafayette along the Las Trampas Creek we have had several Hermit Thrushes hanging about for the winter, which is typical, but have never had a nesting pair.

I hope this is of some use to you.

Maury Stern

On Sunday, March 21, 2021, 2:45:17 PM PDT, Lawrence DiCostanzo <lawrence.dicostanzo@...> wrote:

Hi, Melani. I live in Albany, and this week I saw a hermit thrush in my backyard. This is the first sighting I’ve had of a thrush in a really really long time. I wonder if the fact that I took down the birdfeeder because of the salmonella epidemic, means that other kinds of birds besides finches, etc.  don’t feel as “crowded” in the garden.


> On Mar 21, 2021, at 1:52 PM, Melani King <melani@...> wrote:
> Today while birding my neighborhood I photographed a Hermit Thrush. Nothing unusual until I got home and downloaded the photo. It just looked off to me to be an adult. A gape is still visible and the plumage on the back is fluffy and the tail feathers look like they're still growing in. Do Hermit Thrushes nest in Contra Costa? I thought no. And wouldn't it be too early for this to happen if they did? I'd appreciate any feedback. Photos in my eBird report here:
> Also of interest was a Golden-crowned Kinglet working a Monterey Pine. I was alerted to it by its very high-pitched vocalization. This was a first for me in my neighborhood!
> -Melani King
> Pt. Richmond

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