Re: Pt. Richmond - Hermit Thrush and Golden-crowned Kinglet

Lawrence DiCostanzo

Hi, Melani. I live in Albany, and this week I saw a hermit thrush in my backyard. This is the first sighting I’ve had of a thrush in a really really long time. I wonder if the fact that I took down the birdfeeder because of the salmonella epidemic, means that other kinds of birds besides finches, etc. don’t feel as “crowded” in the garden.


On Mar 21, 2021, at 1:52 PM, Melani King <> wrote:

Today while birding my neighborhood I photographed a Hermit Thrush. Nothing unusual until I got home and downloaded the photo. It just looked off to me to be an adult. A gape is still visible and the plumage on the back is fluffy and the tail feathers look like they're still growing in. Do Hermit Thrushes nest in Contra Costa? I thought no. And wouldn't it be too early for this to happen if they did? I'd appreciate any feedback. Photos in my eBird report here:

Also of interest was a Golden-crowned Kinglet working a Monterey Pine. I was alerted to it by its very high-pitched vocalization. This was a first for me in my neighborhood!

-Melani King
Pt. Richmond

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