Re: Western Kingbird - Antioch outskirts - 3/11

Alexander Henry

Be sure to check any Kingbirds you see carefully! There's lots of the rarer Cassin's Kingbird around, maybe one will make it to Contra Costa this spring. Western Kingbirds are just starting to show up. 

Check for the white tip of the tail which is a diagnostic field mark for Cassin's, the easiest way to identify them is the vocalizations though.

Alex Henry

On Fri, Mar 12, 2021 at 3:35 PM Paul Schorr <pkschorr@...> wrote:
This afternoon during a drive on Deer Valley Rd. south of  Chadbourne Rd., Nancy and I spotted a FOS Western Kingbird on a fence along the road.  We were able to stop and watch it long enough to see it hawking insects.  Nice to see them returning.

Happy birding.

Paul Schorr

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