Re: Band-tailed Pigeons in Eastern Alameda

Alexander Henry


I was not at all intending to single you out. I was more making the general point that Band-tailed Pigeons are less common in the eastern part of Alameda county (versus the lusher, more forested East Bay hills), so we should all as a group strive to document our Band-tailed Pigeon sightings in the part of Alameda county east of Livermore.

I think there are likely at least a couple erroneous reports by other observers. And even for the reports which are correct, which there are many, I am just encouraging people to make more of an effort to do write-ups or get photos, and bringing their attention to the fact that the status of this species is different in different areas of the East Bay counties.

On Wednesday, March 10, 2021, David Yeamans <davidralphyeamans@...> wrote:
Thank you Alex for correcting one of my impressions. My GISS (general impression of size and shape -- also including behaviors) was incorrect, even with a photo. I thought I could tell the difference between rock pigeons and band-tailed pigeons in flight in poor light at a distance but in one case I was mistaken. Checklist has been corrected.

Dave Yeamans
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