Dowitcher, peep, & teal highlights at Arrowhead Marsh


A few uncommon to me sightings at Arrowhead Marsh (MLK Regional Shoreline, Oakland) yesterday, at low tide in the afternoon:
-easily 125-150 dowitchers, assuming short-billed because of the setting. A very large gathering on multiple parts of the mud flats visible from the large wooden platform and path along the channel, with numerous willets & black bellied plovers mixed in and two lesser yellowlegs.
-a spotted sandpiper (lifer for me), very distinct with its cute "butt bob," by itself on the exposed mud of the channel
-five blue winged teals! Another lifer for me, and definitely not as common it seems in the East Bay. They were farther down the channel away from the open water.

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Take care,
Gabi Kirk

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