Albany Bulb Gull Activity


There was a significant gull feeding event from the tip of the bulb to Meeker Slough this evening. Gulls everywhere, landing on the water foraging and taking off, circulating, making noise. By the time I noticed, it was getting dark but it seemed to warrant a further look and I walked out to the mouth of the mudflats. To my surprise the sky was full of gulls all the way to the Meeker Slough shore. Hard to estimate numbers in the fading light. At least 1,000. It didn't seem like a herring run as I didn't see gulls lining the shoreline anywhere. Noah Arthur, who wasn't present, suggests it may be a sand eel run which usually only last a day.

Two Burrowing Owls were present in the plateau enclosure, and I heard a Great Horned Owl in the eucalyptus near the main beach as I was leaving around 6:40. I saw a Great Horned last weekend around sunset and got some photos ( peep murmurations are happening and the best time is right around sunset over the mudflats.

Jack Hayden

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