Pleasant Hill White throated sparrow question

Alan Bade

After taking our feeder down due to sick Pine Siskins, our White throated sparrow has been much less frequent. (It's been a regular for 2 winters.) I've been putting seeds out for it on rocks in the yard in a socially distanced manner. Today, it was back after not seeing it for about 2 weeks;

We looked for white throated sparrow yesterday on our Oak Park Grayson Creek bird survey, as there have been two sightings in the area (approx at the intersection of Astrid Lane and the EBMUD trail One was in December and one in mid-Fed. (R. Raffel and D. Heins). This is near where the Chipping sparrows hang out.

While we had a good day for sparrows on the survey (Lincolns, Savannah, Golden-crowned, White-crowned, and Song sparrows), we didn't see the White-throated. We didn't go further north to look for the Chippies, but I saw them recently, so they're still there.

Which leads me to a question for more advanced birders than I; how far do sparrows like White-throated go in their foraging rounds? Could the tan-striped individual we see at home also be the one 3/4 mile away? Ours is always in a small flock of white-crowned sparrows. I've been checking regularly over at the Astrid site and always see a large mixed flock of white-crowned and golden-crowned. There is excellent cover over there.

Perhaps this is the same bird? Thanks in advance.

Alan Bade
Pleasant Hill

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