Re: Oil Spill - Richmond - Miller Knox Area

Melani King

I’m one of those birders that lives in Pt. Richmond and I agree that this is the worst possible time. I will be paying close attention and will post if I see any activity.

Ugh. So disappointing and heartbreaking. Every morning on my walks during this pandemic many of the birds I count are those in the bay just down the street so I have a good idea of what I normally would expect. We’ll see what changes.

-Melani King
Pt. Richmond

On Feb 9, 2021, at 5:32 PM, Jim Chiropolos <> wrote:

An oil spill has occurred in the Point Richmond area and is staining the beach at the east side of Miller Knox per the news.

This is the worst possible time for an oil spill as in past years the herring run in this area has occurred at some time from January through February 18, attracting some years thousands of birds, with the actual dates varying. Normally the herring run - in Richmond - if it happens is one of the most exciting birding events in the east bay. Can the local birders local birders please track the activity in the area, and post immediately if the herring run is occurring? I am very much hoping there will be no herring run this year. If there is, there will need to be exceptional activity to either immediately clean the oil spill or keep birds out of this area, and we, the birding community, will need to put pressure on organizations to do this..

Fingers crossed there is no herring run this year.

Jim Chiropolos

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