High number of wood ducks @ Valle Vista it’s a.m.



This morning around 9:00 I counted 16 wood ducks at Valle Vista, the highest by far I’ve seen here. The caveat being that a spotting scope is almost certainly required because of how distant they are in that main water channel. The four canvasback also continue, as well as some other mixed waterfowl (again, quite far out).

Other than that and the varied thrush I heard from the parking lot, the overall diversity and quantity here continues to be lower than average. Just one line RTHA as far as raptors go. Water levels in the res are very low. Trails are a little muddy but not bad, and there’s been some tree work done recently. Large oak has toppled over on the Riche Loop but someone has cut a path around it through the brush.

I will have a complete eBird list you can find under my name I’m the hotspot but I don’t have the link at the time of writing this.

Happy birding,

Jane in Orinda, CA

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