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Rosemary Johnson

Went to Lake Anza yesterday afternoon. Didn't see the sapsucker but did see the red-shouldered hawk. Both before and after I circled the lake. First in a tree between the trail and the meadow and then at the far side of the parking lot.

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From: Claude Lyneis <cmlyneis@...>
Date: 1/26/21 11:02 PM (GMT-08:00)
Subject: [EBB-Sightings] Lake Anza wildlife

Jan 25 I went over to Lake Anza in the afternoon to see I the Yellow-bellied Sapsucker was there.  There was one other birder there and while neither of us saw it we both heard it briefly.  Not all was lost however, because a Red-shouldered Hawk landed in one of the Oak trees and stayed around for about 15 minutes, which was enough time to get some photos.

Red-shouldered Hawk.

More surprising to me was that a North American Otter was cruising around Lake Anza.  A quick check of Youtube showed this was not the first sighting.  OK, it is not a bird but here is the link to my best photo.

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