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richard s. cimino

Thanks Derek,
Actually the American Dipper is Sunol Canyon and the Alameda Creek Watershed has been appearing for years before the 2004 eBird listing that Aaron writes about.
The December 19th 1999 Christmas Bird Count has a record (observed by several participants) near the Palomas Road intersection.
Again Art Edward (long before eBird) the dean of East Bay birding had records in the upper Arroyo Mocho (Nines Road).
Unfortunately with Arts passing his record were never submitted to eBird..
I had suggested it to the ebird editor at the time, the suggestion wasn't acted on.
With appreciation,
Rich Cimino
Marin County

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Thanks Aaron for bringing this up. There are two bridges, the one you mentioned, but also one by the buildings right after go through the pay kiosk. It's possible the person was talking about a third bridge that is actually on Calaveras Road just past its intersection with Welsh Creek Road, but I believe that is not technically in the park. My guess is that it's the one you mentioned as the river is rockier and flowing maybe faster through that stretch versus the one by the buildings.

From what I see in eBird, there was the one at Lake Temescal in 2004 but also one reported in Sunol Regional Park at Little Yosemite Area in 2014.

Derek Heins

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I just wanted to pass along an eBird report that I saw this evening: An American Dipper was seen and photographed at Sunol Regional Wilderness, by a birder who isn't on EBB-Sightings. He reports that the bird was seen in Alameda Creek just to the west of the bridge. The photo is definitive. I think there is only one bridge over Alameda Creek, which is just a two minute walk south of the parking area as you start towards Little Yosemite.

American Dipper is rare in Alameda County. There is one report by a reliable birder at Sunol from 2014. That’s the only eBird record since 2004. If anyone goes to see this bird, I would appreciate a report, since I don’t think I’ll be able to get out there until next week. But hopefully it's overwintering.


Aaron Maizlish
San Francisco, CA

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