Richmond Marina Ducks

Jim Chiropolos

In addition to the ongoing White-winged scoter at the Richmond marina (what a great find and a species who's numbers are crashing) at the marina, what appears to be a hybrid scaup is at the marina. I have not seen anyone take pictures of this bird yet. It is a female bird, with the white crescent by the bill. It also has a very noticeable white ear mark and seemed to me to be on the smaller side. I have no idea whose parents this female scaup is. It almost looks like a hybrid scaup -harlequin combination, but that seems far-fetched. Maybe a bufflehead? This bird was with other greater scaup a the mouth of the harbor. I hope some people get pictures of this bird and there can be a fascinating debate about its parents on this site!

Its been an interesting year for hybrid ducks.

Good Birding,
Jim Chiropolos

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