3 owls at Albany Bulb

Mary Malec

0915 to 1010 am

The owl nearest the south fence was not in the usual place when I got to the area this morning.  It was about 15 feet farther north in an open area but moved back near the stake with the game camera a half hour later.

The hard-to-see owl nearest the north fence was in the usual place, only the top of its head showing.

There is a stake with camera in the western third of the fenced area, closer to the south fence than the north.  A couple of weeks ago I thought I saw an owl near there but when I moved to get a better view I couldn't find the owl.  Today it was about 12-15 feet NW of the stake, standing up tall. 

The Pt Isabel owl is still in place as is the Cesar Chavez owl. 


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