Re: Barn Owl Meeker Slough

Nancy Van House

A group of us also saw a barn owl -- presumably the same one -- in this area Thursday Jan 7th between about 10:30 am and noon. it was flying low, clearly hunting, over the reedy area between the Meeker Slough bridge and the 51st Street, path east of the Bay Traill. It perched for some time on a wooden fence post. When we returned that same route a little later, it flew through the same area, being harassed by a group of crows; perched in a lone tree; then flew down. Each time, it sat out in the open for quite some time giving us a good long look via scopes. I took digiscope pictures -- not very good but useful for ID. So it seems to be living in that area.

We also saw three different Ridgeway's rails in three different locations. Each was out strolling in the open in the mud along the small waterways for quite some time. Four to five hours after high tide.

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