2 Burrowing Owls at the Albany Bulb

Fred Werner

Hi everyone.  We saw two Burrowing Owls this afternoon in the large fenced-in protected area of the Albany section of the McLaughlin Shoreline State Park.

One was in the exact spot as this past Friday: in the southeast corner of the enclosure, <10' north of a short wooden stake with some black measuring device taped to it.  That stake is only ~15-20' inside the fence.  A Great Blue Heron was very close (~10' away) but I didn't notice any interaction between the two birds, and the heron eventually walked away.

The other owl was near the opposite corner of the fenced area, very close to the fence along the north side, about 2/3 of the way towards the northwest corner.  It was only ~8' or 10' from the fence itself, best viewed at an angle from farther away along the fence in either direction.

Both owls were out in the open but blending in well with the still-mostly-brown grass, and so easily overlooked.  Glad their back!  Enjoy!

- Fred Werner, Berkeley

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