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Jim Roethe

I walked the Bay trail today from the dog park to Meeker Slough in Richmond.  I saw what I thought was a short-eared owl seemingly hunting over the wetland to the North.  It landed in a grassy area and then rose again and flew West toward Meeker Slough.  It landed on a metal box far across from the trail and stayed there for 30-40 minutes until I had to leave.  It may have been eating something it caught.  Looked like a short-eared owl to me.    About 10:30 - 11:00 this morning.

Jim Roethe

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Agree with Derek— in an area with few tall roost sites and hundreds of off leash dogs and meddling humans, it seems likely the owl is just getting flushed. Perhaps by the observer..


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To Travis Hall etc
It is very interesting that a Barn Owl, perhaps the one I photographed Dec 29th at 3:30 PM, has been observed along the Berkeley/Albany shoreline several times during the day.  I did go back and check the time on the photo, which was 3:30 PM with sunset scheduled for roughly 5 PM. It was relatively cloudy but enough light for a good photo.It was a surprise for me and even though the shot was back lit, because  it was a raw photo, I was able to pull a reasonable image out..  
Maybe this owl suffers from daytime insomnia.
Claude Lyneis

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A Barn Owl seen flying during the day, but not hunting, would not be considered 
diurnal. I would assume that it was flushed by something and was simply flying to a new perch. 
Derek Heins
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Daytime (diurnal) Barn Owl

I am used to seeing Barn Owls at Dark or Dusk. Also, I have seen them during the day in barns, owl boxes in season, and in palm trees. These locations are semi-permanent and well known.

On Aug 8, 2020 about 8:30AM, a Barn Owl landed about 30 feet (10m) from us on the fence bordering the Berkeley Meadows. This was immediately across Marina Blvd. from the Doubleday Hotel entrance. The owl stayed a couple of minutes, then dropped from the fence into the grass inside the fence. Seconds later it flew east toward and beyond the willows in the center of the area. It had no prey.

On Sept 27, 2020 about 9:30 a Barn Owl flew north from the Albany Bulb toward Pt. Isabel / Costco. It was being chased by a crow. It swerved back toward the neck of the Albany Bulb and behind the bluff from our vantage point near the 'Woman' sculpture.

On Dec 25, 2020 about Noon (Christmas Day), again at the Albany Bulb, a Barn Owl flew out from behind trees on the neck of the bulb, then returned to behind same trees. Not found again. This was observed from the main path above the 'Woman'.

With 3 decades of birding, I have never seen Barn Owls during the day. Now one is reported Dec 29 at Pt. Isabel. Coincidence? Or an owl that likes daytime? Maybe hard of hearing? Poor night vision?

I know this goes back 5 months, but I thought it was interesting

Travis Hails

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Dec 29 I was returning from the Stage Mash area to 51st Street in Richmond after looking for White-tailed Kites and a Merlin without success.  And a rapture sized bird few by.  The photo was rushed to say the least, but it looks like a Short-eared Owl to me.
Link to the photo.


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