Re: Today at Hilltop Lake

Cathy Bleier

This was my patch for the Master Birder class. I’ve led monthly walks there the past 2 years till Covid.

I went yesterday and unfortunately they are removing vegetation (a lot of willows) around the lake, providing access where none existed before.  I’ve called the Parks Dept. in the past over veg removal, but this amount is way beyond.  I’m guessing it’s to provide fishing access, since there were 3 anglers there yesterday, or perhaps for better lake views, to reduce homeless tents (really only an occasional problem), reduce fire hazards (also not really a problem), or remove senescent, non-native pines (which I doubt is the motivation).    Guess I’ll know when I speak with someone.

Robins and Waxwings were in abundance yesterday on acacias and toyon, the Flicker family is in, and there was a Myrtle’s warbler, as usual, with a few YR,  but there were almost NO ducks!!   I really fear that the increased access and view will impact their use of this site.  

I was wondering if/how GGAS might lend its voice to protect its habitat values.

Cathy Bleier

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