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I had 15 in Alameda near the ferry terminal maybe two weeks ago in one spot (they continue there) and a day or two later 22 together on Putah Creek.




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Having not made it to the park this morning, I took a late spin around on my bike.  I noticed what I seemed to be a male Hooded Merganser hiding amongst the Buffleheads, so rode around the big pond to see them closer.  By the time I was at a good place, they had landed back where I was when I first saw them.  So I went back to my starting point, counted 10 female and 6 male Buffleheads, with no Hooded Merganser.  Hmm.


I went the rest of the way around the pond and rode to the entrance of the private Seven Hills School.  The smaller concrete pond over there is the irrigation water for the park.  Seventeen Hooded Mergansers were on that pond.  Derek, did you not report a high number for you recently?  


I thought that was pretty good.  I am not sure we have ever seen that many even at Lake Solano on Putah Creek.


Meanwhile, the hugh number of Ring-necked Ducks I had last Saturday s down to four late today.


Hugh B. Harvey

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