Re: Pacific Commons Linear Park

Bob Toleno

A representative from Ohlone Audubon contacted the Fremont Parks and Recreation department to inquire about the parking situation at Pacific Commons. The response from a project manager for the park that was received today stated that there is legal parking "at the cul-de-sac at the end of Auto Mall Parkway." That location is:

37.4956800, -121.9885690

In this street view of the location in Google Maps, you can see that there is a dirt lot adjacent to the end of the cul-de-sac which does have a car parked there in the street view photo:

As Alex suggested, the area of Auto Mall Parkway near the northwest end of the park (37.4976546, -121.9853821) is where virtually everyone has always parked--including me--and i'm unaware of anyone who has encountered problems, even though there are new "No Stopping" signs. If you want to be strictly legal about it, it sounds like that dirt lot at the very end of the Auto Mall Parkway cul-de-sac is the safest place to park.

Bob Toleno

On Mon, Nov 30, 2020 at 1:01 PM Alexander Henry <awhenry@...> wrote:
I received a question about parking at Pacific Commons and decided to group reply since this is a perennial problem.

Simply put, there is no good answer - there is no designated parking area for the park.

There are two strategies, neither of which is technically legal, but I have done both a few times without any negative consequences. The more accepted of the two is to park along Automall Parkway near the northwest end of the park, (37.4976546, -121.9853821). The probably less accepted option is to park in the newly paved parking lot near Bunche Dr and Nobel Dr, approximately (37.4952252, -121.9745278).

Seems like for now you need to just figure it out for yourself, and accept the very slight risk you incur by parking illegally. As far as I am aware, many people have used both of these parking options without being ticketed or towed.

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