Re: Pacific Commons Linear Park

Alexander Henry

I received a question about parking at Pacific Commons and decided to group reply since this is a perennial problem.

Simply put, there is no good answer - there is no designated parking area for the park.

There are two strategies, neither of which is technically legal, but I have done both a few times without any negative consequences. The more accepted of the two is to park along Automall Parkway near the northwest end of the park, (37.4976546, -121.9853821). The probably less accepted option is to park in the newly paved parking lot near Bunche Dr and Nobel Dr, approximately (37.4952252, -121.9745278).

Seems like for now you need to just figure it out for yourself, and accept the very slight risk you incur by parking illegally. As far as I am aware, many people have used both of these parking options without being ticketed or towed.

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