Pacific Commons Linear Park

Alexander Henry

Hi everyone,

I swung by Pacific Commons Linear Park today to see the Harris’s Sparrow found last week by Jason Tanner. It seems to be spending a majority of time in a weedy field near where Bunche Drive becomes Nobel Drive. The same exact spot where there was a Vesper Sparrow earlier in the fall - clearly a good spot to check for Sparrows in the future!

Also present was the returning dark morph Ferruginous Hawk, always a cool bird to see. Also a Golden Eagle, Redheads, Common Gallinules, Ring-necked Ducks, Virginia Rails, etc. A distant flock of flying Greater White-fronted Geese early in the morning was a nice surprise.

I ran into Dawn and Yvette who also saw a second Ferruginous Hawk, and several birders saw a Burrowing Owl.

There were quite a few birders present looking for the Harris’s Sparrow. Some of them saw the fake owl on a telephone pole and thought it was a real Great Horned Owl. I just want to clarify that it is NOT an owl!

There was also a Bell’s Sparrow reported at Pacific Commons Linear Park today. While Bell’s Sparrow is not considered rare in eBird, due to its (still quite sparse) distribution in the interior coast range, Bell’s Sparrow would be VERY rare at this location. I hope that documentation can be provided, or the record is changed...

Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving! And I encourage everyone to get out as much as possible over the next few weeks, and find some good wintering birds for the CBCs!

Alex Henry

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