Pacific Commons Linear Park, in addition to Harris's Sparrow Nov 29

Dave Weber

Harris’s Sparrow spotted this morning, Nov 29, at 9:30 am in the weedy patch across from the Lexus lot but remained hidden until Brian Fitch re-spotted it in the center of the patch. Then the bird stayed still for 15 minutes in reasonably full view! Other ‘good’ birds included Burrowing Owl south of the ponds about halfway between ponds and 90 deg turn in the trail, Ferruginous Hawk out from the 90 deg bend, Bald Eagle in the distant south, Golden Eagle flying over the pond and south, two Redheads on the main pond, and, thanks to Brian Fitch, a White-throated Sparrow which I found at the intersection of the main path and the dirt path to the end of the ponds. This sparrow appears in a few Ebird reports, but is not flagged (though I think it should be) hence I had no idea it was there.


Dave Weber,


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